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Jail, Jailbreak. • 2018 rpg

KBN • no link

Separate a deck of cards into piles: reds (traps), blacks (tunnels), and jokers (prisoners).

You will eventually be faced with an array of face-down cards and one face-up starting tunnel card. To win, you will have to find a path through the cards, moving across edges that touch, and free both prisoners. Begin at the starting tunnel, and if you move onto a card that isn't face-up, flip it over. If you encounter a trap, you die and utterly fail your quest.

With the cards in piles and these facts in mind, lay out an array of face-up cards such that there is an uninterrupted tunnel path between the prisoners and a starting tunnel of your choice, attempting to make the prisoners as hard to free as possible. You don't have to use all the cards, and implied touching of edges is  an acceptable substitute for precise alignment. Then, flip all the cards over except for the starting tunnel.

Spend roughly five minutes doing something engaging enough to take your mind from the arrangement you just made. Then attempt to free the prisoners, and see when you won. Playing best of several rounds is encouraged to enjoy counterplay.

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