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SPRING BREAK! Big Party City • 2018 rpg

JJ Muste •

You and the fuck-squad are at it again. Get drunk. Have fun. Don't die. 
D20, D10, D8, D6, D2.  Playing Cards, no face cards.
Separate the cards into red and black. Red is FUN (Waterparks, Sexy People, Drugs), Black is PROBLEMS (Gangsters, Quicksand, Emotions). Problems left out deal one hurt to all at the end of a round. 3 hurt and you die. 
Deal one FUN and one PROBLEM at the start of every round.
Take turns doing ACTIONS:
-Have FUN.
-Stop someone from drinking.
When you have FUN or solve PROBLEMS choose a card, describe your action and roll a die. If you're sober, roll D20.
Roll above or equal to the card value, you succeed. Roll lower, you fail. Roll the highest die value, you ROCK. Roll a 1, you SUCK.
When you drink remove one hurt, deal one FUN and reduce your die one size. Black out when you can't reduce.

Die Results:
ROCK- Take card and top Fun card.
Succeed- Take card.
Fail- Leave card.
SUCK- Leave card, deal one PROBLEM.

Go till someone dies or blacks out. Most FUN wins.

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