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Cryomancer • 2018 rpg

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 <>  \\ ||\\  //   \\/ //   || \\// || ||  \\ \\  ||\\ <>  

The world is frozen, and you are a frost mage.

Distribute 14 points between the three colours of magic, maximum 10/colour right now. 

* Icicle volley, d12 HP damage
* Flash-freeze, d12 x5 seconds
* Flying wind, d12 metres
* Icewall, has d12 HP

* Rejuvenate, d12 HP
* Dispel undead, d12 HP damage
* Pacify, d12 minutes/until attacked

* Summon, d12 crumbling snow-zombies (6 ATTACK, 3 DEFENCE, 3 HP)
* Drain living, d12 HP damage, absorbing half
* Terrify, d12 minutes

To cast a spell, roll d12 below appropriate colour score to succeed, using that roll for the effect. Target can resist with a higher successful roll of opposing colour. (BLUE opposes WHITE opposes BLACK opposes BLUE.)

Begin at level 1 with 10 max HP. Whenever you overcome a significant challenge, roll d12. If you roll above your level, choose a colour, roll d12; if you roll above it, increase that colour, your max HP, and your level by one. At level 12, retire to an ice cave.

NPCs, traps, etc., have three colour scores if they are magical, otherwise ATTACK (opposed by WHITE/BLUE) and DEFENCE (opposes BLUE/BLACK). Vary colours to change magic themes. No scores above 12, but HP as appropriate. 

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