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Made Up • 2018 rpg

Julian Ringstad Schauffler • no link

Ingredients: makeup, fancy clothes, mirrors, friends

This is a game about performance, gender, queerness and the messy spot in the middle. It's about a group of friends grappling with a world that's turned against them. It's about dualities, choosing or not choosing, whether the divide is even real in the first place.

You are: a group of people dressed up nice. Why? Decide.
Who are you? Choose one: dreamer, realist, confused, bitter, loyal. 
What do you think about? Choose one or more but not all: masculine/feminine; presentational/genuine; public/private; conformity/nonconformity

Pre-game: put on makeup, your fanciest clothes, whatever makes you feel alive and beautiful

Game: For five minutes: walk around, admire, have fun. 
Then, take all the makeup off, put on your everyday clothes. Talk about how it makes you feel. 

Author Comments

About the author: Julian (they/them) is very bad at putting on makeup, but likes it as a concept.

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