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Magnum Opal • 2018 rpg

Daniel Wilson • no link

You seek the Magnum Opal, enshrined in the vault of the gods.

Secretly write one mundane and one fantastic defense around the Opal. Shuffle everyone's together.

Randomly select a strength and two weaknesses: strength, finesse, speed, knowledge, cunning, charm

Tell everyone your name, how you started this quest, and your signature item.

When you face a challenge, roll 1d6 and earn a victory if it's greater than...
  5, using a weakness
  4, normally
  3, using your strength
  2, using a specialty
Otherwise, you fail badly enough to prevent retrying the same way.

Once per game, you can establish a specialty (pyromancer, ninja, cavalier...) by flashing back to your youth when you tried to earn it. The other players take turns saying what you face. After 2 victories, you earned it. After 3 failures, you had to seize a different, darker specialty by betraying trust.

Draw a defense when starting and after one is overcome. Overcoming a defense requires 2 victories. After failing 3 times outside of a flashback, you die or are captured.

Once through all defenses, you reach the Opal. It amplifies your strength to mythical proportions. Describe how you use it to escape and change the world.

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