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Shâkropur • 2018 rpg

Tengu Zame •

The magnificent Orc Princess (you) has fallen in love. She plans to get married to become the new Queen. Choose your lover: a proud human, a noble dwarf, a wise elf, an honourable orc.
At each round, one of your fellow players rolls 2 6-sided dice, picks one of the values and says how:
His/her family oppose to the marriage!
Another suitor asks for your hand!
You are sent at war!
You spend time with him/her in secret!
Your father arranges another marriage for you!
An innocent dies to help you!
Afterwards, you have thirty seconds to tell how you solve or enjoy the situation; otherwise, your beloved one will be taken away from you forever!
In case of a tie or if one or both dice show the same results of the previous roll, re-roll. Don't pick the same value twice.
At each turn, sum the value used with all the previous ones. If you reach 13, your lover dies! When you go past 21, you can enjoy the marriage!
If you can't marry or manage to marry your lover, another player takes up the role of the Princess.

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