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The Apprentice's Final Trial • 2018 rpg

Will Furey • no link

Requirements: 1 Wizard, Many Apprentices, Art Supplies

The apprentices, children and adults, are finishing their final trial. They must create their specialty magic. Magic is done in drawings, or other physical (non-verbal) means. You are their supportive teacher.

First, ask them what kind of magic they want to give the world. Have them draw it out and share it once everyone is done. Don't focus on quality. Focus on synthesis of ideas. Discuss.

The first try rarely succeeds, it often lacks confidence or reference. Now they have inspiration from their peers. Have them remake their original, but more complex, and share it with everyone. Discuss.

The second try goes better, but is often too broad, lacking something that makes it their own.  Have them remake their second try with something that makes it truly special to them (not necessarily unique) and share it with everyone. Discuss.

The third try is almost perfect. We often forget to look back at our old ideas and retrieve what we left behind. Have them take all three tries and combine them in to one, focusing on their thought processes throughout all three. 

Have everyone share their completed specialty. Discuss. Encourage pride in their work.

Author Comments

A quick and simple game for any audience that focuses on the creative process and the importance of sharing it with your peers.

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