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The Forest • 2018 rpg

Bruno Ribeiro • no link

GOAL: Enhance teamwork, decision making, creativity, and storytelling in the youngsters

In this RPG 2 to 4 Players are Forest Criters, and there is a Forest King (Storyteller) that as to be a kid with less than 12 years old.

1 - The Forest King tells the story and challenge the players by question them what they want to do. Every question has a roll that will determin the success of that task.
2 - The Criters listen to the story and answer the questions, favouring the story.
3 - The Forest King will use the roll of the player to keep the story going.

PLAYERS CHARACTERS: Players may choose an animal, and for each one they must choose a POWER and a NONSENSE... and of course a NAME. 

CHALLENGES: The success of a challenge will be determined by the number of your roll. If the roll is higher than 1, then its a success. If it is a 1, it's a failure and the Forest King has to incorporate the NONSENSE of that character in the story. However, if it's a 6, the player may invoke his POWER and describe the resolution of that task. 

Author Comments

Thank you to my mates at ROLA INICIATIVA from Portugal!

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