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Abyssal Zone • 2018 rpg

Luther Gutekunst •

In Abyssal Zone, each player is captain of a submarine, going into the Abyss to find relics. When you start, each player draws 5 playing cards. The suit of each card is its module on your submarine. 

Clubs = Weapons
Hearts = Life Support
Diamonds = Armor
Spades = Propulsion

The game works in 5-round increments. To start, each player chooses a card, says how it could delay another player, rolls 1d6 + the card's number, (Aces are 1, face cards are 10) and discards the card. 

After that, each player chooses a card, says how it could protect them, rolls 1d6 + the card's number, and discards the card. If that number is lower than the attacker's, the defender has a -1 penalty in the 3rd round. This cycle repeats in the 2nd round.

In the 3rd round, each player attempts to defeat the relic's Challenge (automaton guards, forcefield, etc.). To defeat the challenge, everyone chooses a card and rolls 2d6 + the card's number. The highest result gets the relic.

The last 2 rounds function identically to the first two, but if the defender has the relic and gets a lower number, the relic goes to the attacker.

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