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Empedocles: The Remains • 2018 rpg

Colin Wheeler • no link

The god Strife has scrambled all the living things. You wake up as a human flesh pile, you are blind and cannot speak. Begin play with one arm, one leg and one extra bit, such as an eye. There are more parts to collect somewhere. Try to aid the god Love and return yourself and your friends to their original forms. 

Doing Things:
Draw a line and divide it 15 times, number each division 3-18
Put a blue marker, such as a bead or poker chip, on 10 and a red marker on 11
When you do something risky, roll three six sided die and add them together.
If the sum falls on or between the blue/red markers, you're successful.
When you acquire a leg, move the blue marker left
When you acquire an arm, move the red marker right.
Extra bits: (eyes, breasts, hair) discard to add +1/-1 to the action if it makes sense. If you are trying to see something, discard an eye not a fingernail.
Lose a limb if harmed, two limbs if the harm is great.
If a limb is lost, someone can steal it.
You cannot die, even if you wish.

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