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Fractio Panis (Breaking Bread) • 2018 rpg

Jonathan Snead •

Life: this tedious pilgrimage weighs on your soul. Though often weary, lonely, and anxious, you must journey on until the end.

But tonight you have found companions: fellow pilgrims whose pathways for a moment chanced to interweave.

You are not alone.


Rest, release your burdens. You have a warm loaf of bread and plenty to drink. Take a small piece of bread--

Speak one sentence accounting a single previously unspoken detail of your journey; your companions want to know your story:
- a trial failed/ongoing/overcome
- a moment of gladness/shame
- a destination of security/dread
- a personal change

--Eat your bread; fortify your soul.

Each companion in turn gives a one-word encouragement, then drinks to your health.

You are not alone.

Break some bread for your next companion, who will then speak and eat as you have, and break bread for the next companion in turn.
Listen. Respond. Grow.

This continues until the bread is wholly eaten. Then you may freely discuss each other's stories.


As you carry on this arduous pilgrimage, take heart. Sustain yourself with daily bread, and remember this night with your companions who fortify your soul.

You are not alone.

Author Comments

I hope this game can bring people closer together in community, whether playing as a fictional band of pilgrims or discussing real life stories with close friends.

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