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Bullshit Tour Guide • 2018 rpg

Ray Visser •

A game for 3+ people. One player at a time is the Guide. The rest are tourists.

Guide, hold your hand like you're speaking into a microphone. Try to make your voice sound like it's coming from a loudspeaker.

Begin the tour by pointing at something everyone can see and declaring a made-up "fact" about the subject. Invent fake names, places, historical events, etc., or twist real ones in unexpected directions. The more ridiculous and clearly false, the better:

"The Niagara Falls were constructed in 1994 as the first attraction of BuffaloLand, a new theme park."

Taking turns, each tourist asks a question about the topic, attempting to derail the Guide by introducing a new fact:

"Is it true that the water was replaced with maple syrup in celebration of the bicentennial?"

The Guide must confirm the tourist's question and add or change a detail:

"Yes, and it took nearly ten years to clean out the pumps afterward."

The tourists vote to determine if the Guide's response was satisfactory. If it wasn't, the tourist who asked the question becomes the new Guide, continuing the tour with a new interesting "fact":

"Approximately 47 gallons of water tumble down the falls daily...."

Author Comments

Based on a concept by Nick Visser and Mark DeHaan.

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