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An Incomplete Entity • 2018 rpg

Z Gosck •

A role-playing game of self-discovery for GM and 1 or more players.

Entity: noun, a thing with distinct and independent existence.

Start with a blank sheet of paper, this is your character.

You are an incomplete entity, a thing of undefined values. Values define what you are, and what you are not.

Values are divided into Attributes (general traits) and Skills (specific abilities).

If an attribute is required, roll 3d10, taking the middle result.
If a skill is required, roll 1d10 to determine.
Write all values on your character sheet. 

Values can be defined only when relevant to the situation, and once defined become a part of what you are.
There is no set list or number of attributes or skills.

When failure is possible, roll 1d0 adding an attribute and skill (or just attribute if no skill is relevant).
Outcomes: under 10: Failure, 10 or higher: Success, 20 or higher: Exceptional, 30: perfect

Alternatively, outcomes can be determined by GM based solely on values without rolling.

Through experience you gain values, through values you gain identity, with identity you gain existence.

Continue play until you are a complete entity, a thing of identity and existence.

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