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Scenari'Odds' Fast paced scenario solving rpg • 2018 rpg

Jon Bryant • @Earth_To_Games (Twitter)

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TIME - 10 minutes


6-sided Dice
One minute timer
Way of recording points.



One player starts as the scenario poser and outlines a challenge
for their opponent by giving them these three bits of information:

A Profession         - Safari Vet, Mafia Goon, Deathstar Pilot etc

A Scenario Challenge - Describe a setting and a task the opponent must perform IN CHARACTER,

A Restriction        - Choose one thing they 'CANNOT USE' to complete the challenge.

Say Go! and start the timer.


In a minute, the opponent must verbally describe a way they will perform the task and must
designate something they will 'USE' to do so. They then throw a dice and on an:

Even - They are successful and gain a point for every attempt made this round,

ODD - They fail, must try something else and can no longer 'USE' their previously stated things.
(The poser must quickly describe what happened to the used thing before continuing).

The opponent now becomes the scenario poser and, after 10 rounds, the player with the highest score wins.


You're an astronaut and 10 micrometeors have punctured the hull.
Fix holes 'WITHOUT USING' tools, GO!

I 'USE' my fingers?



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