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Lost Souls • 2018 rpg

Konrad Kołacki • no link

You died. How did you die? How do you feel about it? Did you have what they call "a good life"? What did you leave behind in the world, what trace of your very existence is there to be found? Do you have any unfinished business or did you manage to accomplish everything you ever wished for?

The players act as Lost Souls. The Souls create what is called an Assembly. The only way for the Souls to move on is to have other members of the Assembly agree to their fate.

Each player creates their own character with backstory leading to the moment of their death. Each player also picks their Agenda - whether they want to move to different plane, go back and reunite with their loved ones or get revenge on those who crossed them. Each player then gets to tell their story to the Assembly. Other Souls may freely ask their questions. By the end of the story, everyone decides whether they'll back the storyteller and allow them to pursue their goal. The game lasts until everyone tells their story - only then some lucky Souls move on, while other remain waiting for more Souls to arrive...

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