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Revolutionary Committee • 2018 rpg

David Masad •

Article I: Principles

1. The players are the rightful voices of the people. They have no game master; it is their duty alone to rise up against the weak king and his corrupt ministers.

2. United, the players will decide on the list of ideals they will fight for.

3. Every player has an absolute right to choose two of those ideals for their character to advocate for, and one they will oppose.

4. The characters are each the leader or paragon of a faction or class in the realm.

5. That faction will be played by the player sitting across from them.

Article II: Administration

1. Each player in turn will narrate their character's revolutionary struggle. All other characters and factions may participate as needed. 

2. The player controlling the current character's faction has special duty to speak for the faction's interests; to take to the streets to support their leader - or to stop their betrayal.

3. When conflict arises between characters or factions, the matter will be resolved with a majority vote among the players.

Article III: State of Emergency

1. A player may overrule a vote.
2. Doing so requires sacrificing one of their ideals forever.

Author Comments

Inspired by Fiasco, and Mike Duncan’s Revolutions podcast.

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