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The Journey • 2018 rpg

Andrew Mierzejewski • @worldstoforge

You are travelers, bound on a dangerous journey to a fabled destination. Each player describes a reason it's paradise. The group describes how you travel there. Everyone receives a d6 and 3 matches. The journey will take 6 weeks, represented by a roll. 

Week 1 - 
1-4 = describe yourself, an element of the setting, and why you are traveling
5-6 = Same as 1-4 but take an extra match! What was your good fortune?

Roll Weeks-
W.2 | 2-6 = Success |   1 = Light a match. 
W.3 | 3-6 = Success | 1-2 = Light a match. 
W.4 | 4-6 = Success | 1-3 = Light a match. 
W.5 | 5-6 = Success | 1-4 = Light a match.
W.6 |   6 = Success | 1-5 = Light a match.

Success = Describe how you triumphed/survived 
Light a Match = Describe how hardships have weakened you.

On weeks 2-5, a 6 allows you to take a match from a player to spend instead of your own. How did you use them to survive? 

When you are out of unlit matches you die. Describe your death. Everyone lights a match to mourn you. 

If you survive to the end, describe your new life. 

Author Comments

A big thanks to Aly Grauer, my test audience, my game partner, my wife.

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