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Who's Driving the Van?!? • 2018 rpg

Tin Heart Interactive •

You've all been cursed by a disgruntled witch! Suddenly, you're all crammed into a single body! Hop in a nearby van but wait - where're you headed?
            	Graph Paper
            	8-sided dice (each)
            	Head to the hospital? A church? To the big rides at the amusement park with this adult body? Each location is 10 grid spaces (5 if counting diagonally) away from the starting space. Players attempt to drive to a location of their choosing to deal with the curse.
            	Each round, players repeatedly roll their die until someone rolls an 8. The winner can then advance their vehicle one space - forward, left, or right.
            	Round winners may change the radio one station up/down. (Station order below.) Each player selects a unique favorite station, and gets +1 to rolls when that station is playing.
            	Whenever a player rolls a 1, call it aloud. Three 1s rolled by the group before anyone gets an 8, roll once on the complications list. That result is handled immediately.
Static                 		Left Turn
Rock                  		Right Turn
Talk                    		Go Straight
Oldies               		Road Closed
Pop                    		Diagonal Alleyway
Country                     	U-Turn
Alternative     		Engine Stalls (lose turn)
Rap                    		roll twice

Author Comments

Thank you to Kit, Woody, Tom, and Adam for copy edits, questions suggestions, and encouragement! Always happy to chat on Twitter about game design & development! @_TinHeart

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