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IZomby • 2018 rpg

Sarah Zeiter •

iZomby is the hottest tween zombie show on the Bisney Channel.  You are zombie extras.  You are also actual zombies.  Today's shoot is running long and you need lunch.  If you don't find some brains soon, there's going to be trouble.

The Zombiemaster, or "ZM," decides when rolls are necessary.  If an action is difficult or contested, the player rolls 1D6.

5 or 6: success
2, 3 or 4: failure
1: failure and Complication

If a player rolls a 1, they roll 1D6 to determine what Complication arises.

1: Needed on set
2: Ear falls off
3: Director smells tasty
4: School field trip arrives
5: Scheduled interview
6: Someone smells rot

Players get 1 Characteristic.  If they can justify it being helpful, then they get to reroll.

1: Cute
2: Strong
3: Unassuming
4: Gossip
5: Fast
6: Ate Large Breakfast

For the ZM:  What options your players have for "lunch" are up to you, but here are some suggestions.  Any option should have pros and cons.

1: Tupperware in breakroom fridge
2: Hunky co-star
3: Overworked gofer
4: Caterer
5: Actor with food poisoning
6: Director's obnoxious nephew

Happy lunching!

Author Comments

This is my first 100% original solo project rpg. Thank you to Jacqueline Bryk for introducing me to the 200word rpg concept and thank you to Emma Glasscock for her editing help.

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