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Stakeout • 2018 rpg

McGravin •

You'll need:
2-4 players
A car (preferably a 70s sedan)
Eight uninterrupted hours (10pm-6am recommended)
A part of town that's just a little bit on the seedy side (neither too busy nor too quiet)
An occupied building (such as a residence or business)
A thermos of cheap coffee
No distractions

Drive to the play location and park the car across the street from the building, a little ways up the block.

Hour 0:
Good spirits.
Who's that guy entering/leaving the building? Is he involved in the case?

Hour 2:
Order food, the greasier the better.
Speculate about what the perps are doing in the building.

Hour 4:
Tensions building.
Each player in turn: dredge up some old shit from one of the other characters' past; grumble about it; start an argument; lapse into stony silence.

Hour 6:
Coffee's gone.
If a player falls asleep, nudge them awake and give them shit for sleeping on the job.

Hour 8:
The next shift relieves you and the game ends; drive home.

(Note: if the actual police show up and question you, pause the game and cooperate. End the game and leave the area if instructed to do so.)

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