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Transmogrified Creatures Save the Day! • 2018 rpg

Daniel D. • no link

Pandemonium!  Our zany scientist, Lord Boogiepants accidently transmogrified the town into weird creatures!  Confused citizens get in your way, it's up to kids of all ages to take turns, cooperate, and fix things!

Everyone draws two cards: first card is your adjective, then your noun!

2-	Stinky / slug
3-	Slimy / squid
4-	Hairy / alien
5-	Wriggly / worm
6-	Funny / squirrel
7-	Jumping / robot
8-	Dancing / ninja
9-	Joking / bear
10-	Singing / zombie
J-	Pouting / pirate
Q-	Hungry / ghost
K-	Spinning / monkey
A-	Laughing / dinosaur

Everyone starts with 8 Moxie.

Take turns, draw two cards, these are others affected by the transmorgrifier field using the above table.  If your Moxie > their highest card, you describe how you use your new form to calm, juke, or trick them, then discard their cards.  

Anyone can loan Moxie to another player each time they:
Ask nicely.
Compliment another.
Do a dance.

Every player who loans Moxie may help with the description to get past the transgrimogrified obstacle.

If you can't muster the Moxie, shuffle the two cards back into the deck and pass your turn.

Once all cards are discarded, players pull the plug, return everyone to normal, and save the day!

Author Comments

I wanted a game that I could one day play with my kiddos. Though they are too young right now, I wanted to emphasize a game that was silly but encouraged cooperation and hopefully some good giggles. Hats off to my wonderful family for inspiring me and my good friend Aaron who insisted I actually give this a try (no matter how I winced and complained).

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