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Trivial Detectives • 2018 rpg

Carter V Maddux •

One player is the murderer, who has left clues for the detectives to uncover. The remaining players are detectives, who must interact with the environment and suspects, played by the murderer, to uncover the truth and make an arrest.

Each detective has six attributes, ranked from 1 (the detective's strength) to 6 (the detective's weakness):

	A detective's ability to navigate and knowledge of geography

	A detective's ability to maintain a suspect's attention and knowledge of popular culture

	A detective's knowledge of political and natural history

	A detective's creative ability and knowledge of classical culture

	A detective's knowledge of discoveries and phenomena

	A detective's physical ability and knowledge of sports history

Whenever a detective takes an action that tests an attribute, the murderer draws a number of Trivial Pursuit cards equal to that attribute's rank, and reads the relevant question from each card, one card at a time, to the player playing that detective. If the player gets a question wrong, the detective fails. If the player gets all of the questions correct, the detective succeeds.

When the detectives agree on which suspect is guilty, they make an arrest, and the murderer reveals the truth.

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