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Alternate Timeline Life • 2018 rpg

Justin Gilman •

You start as yourself, in your current timeline, living your current life. You get to make one decision every hour and your goal is to reshape the world to be better. 

You will live for 32d4 - your current age. For a 25-year old person this is about 475k moves before the game ends.

You can influence people immediately adjacent to you. You have a set of stats you can influence by 1 per person: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. As these stats increase or decrease per person, they will change their attitude toward you and may work towards your goals or against them. Once these stats reach +/- 25 this person is considered in your immediate influence.

People immediately adjacent to you can take an action an hour similar to you. Also, people who are in your immediate influence can also take an action an hour. The action taken will be "in character" for that person.

On your turn you can move towards another person so your set of adjacent people change. Moves can be blocked by other players or people.

What are the least number of moves to make the biggest positive change?

Author Comments

This was meant as a way to approach the feeling of helplessness that we all feel in our lives; whether personal problems, or local issues, or even the political climate. Playing this game will make you think of ways to influence those around you in a way to both maximize your reach and help improve the world.

It also implies that, even with a seemingly unlimited number of moves, you can easily waste them on stupid vices.

The RPG elements are inherent in our real lives; adjacent people can be friends or family, or even people on the internet reading silly game designs that get affected by what you write.

I hope you enjoyed thinking about this!

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