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Egregious Extraterrestrial Ethnographers • 2018 rpg

Eli Seitz • no link

Break out the tweed and silly hats! 

Tenure time is coming, and the associate space anthropologists need to publish or be thrown out of the department in shame.

You are all collaborators on a new ethnography of an alien civilization; the publication that if successful will save your jobs from certain doom.

Write down your departmental position. Where did you go and what did you do for your postdoc?

Observe, analyze, interpolate, extrapolate, adulterate, obfuscate, and fabricate your way through one chapter of your ethnography per player.

Each player takes a turn acting as The Editor by picking the title from the list below, maintaining the peace among the squabbling academics, and closing the chapter/discussion when no further revisions are needed.

The Value of the Trapezoid 
Purple is the New God King
Economies of Passion
The Misinformed Mating Rituals of Adolescents
Domination of the Fifth Sex
The Inner Meaning of Squarts
The New Super Fashion
Liberation through Noise
Iconography of Skin
Imagined Crab Communities
or make your own

One year later, your ethnography has been cited 1D10000 times. Narrate how your work has revolutionized (or not) the field.

May the locals be friendly and the literature always agree.

Author Comments

Dedicated to all of the real anthropologists out there telling truth to power, elevating and recording culture everywhere, and Elias Mulhall my personal Editor.

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