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Uber Share • 2018 rpg

David Olsen • no link

Number of Players: 3-5
Duration: Any, though probably less than an hour
Setting: A car
Equipment: Chairs set up to resemble a car, index cards

Uber Share is a freeform game about people using a taxi-like car-share service.  The tone can be silly or serious and may change during the course of play.

One player acts as the driver and is the facilitator of the game, determining the length of each passenger ride, prompting questions when conversation falters, and possibly misrepresenting the nature of the car's previous occupants.  The other players are the passengers. Passengers may enter singly or as a group. When one passenger's ride ends, the player may re-enter the car as a new passenger.

The game starts with the driver alone in the car. The first passenger gets in, giving the driver a card with their name, destination, and character motivation/goal.  The driver controls the flow of the game as they pick up new passengers and drop off old ones as new temporary communities form and characters share their stories and perspectives.  Interactions between passengers is encouraged.

The game ends when the driver announces the last pickup, drops them off, and heads home.

Author Comments

Special thanks to Becky Slitt for suggesting it and editing advice, Jeff Dieterle for writing a game that made me think this could work, the Living Games Conference, and my Uber driver David and that weird chick we picked up for inspiring this in the first place.

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