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Committed! • 2018 rpg

Ken Maher •

This is insane! You wake up in a room with complete strangers and no memories. You have ONE burning question and some hazy, half-formed impressions. Can all of you work to piece the threads together and discover a way out, or will you prove yourselves worthy of being committed?

Players will take turns asking their one burning question and the group will answer it together, in an effort to determine who and where they are, why they are there and how they can escape. Sounds easy right? Not so fast! 

You may ask only one "Who, What, Where, When, Why, or How" question, BUT one that is given to you by Google's auto completion. (For instance: "How did I ..." "Why is ..." "When will we ..." ) Type in the beginning of your question and pick the suggestion you like best. This is what you need to know. The others will help you answer it, just as you help them with their question. 

If the players can craft a story that makes any sense of who they are, and why they are there they are free to go. If not, they are deemed fit to be committed!

Author Comments

Thanks for taking a look. Hope you enjoy the craziness.

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