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Marketing Simulator 2018 • 2018 rpg

Sean Z Sickler • no link


Players write 1 *secret* commercial product on an Index, which can be fictional/real services, brands, or tangible things.

Narrator makes up first scene's set-pieces (2-3)

Players give the GM their *secret* products(hidden), describe their character, and distribute 3 points between their Act stats on an Index. 

Act stats
Screen Time (everyone starts with 3 in this)
Range - alter or replace character
Emotion - address the audience directly
Action - do stuff
Prop - introducing a new set-piece.


Narrator sets the scene using aforementioned set-pieces.

Players declare an Act stat, and bid Screen Time to Act.

Bid winner gets to Act. 

Ties for Bids are decided by rolling/rerolling a d6 for each point in an Act stat. Highest single roll wins (for ties, both Act collaboratively)

Acting players spend Screen Time bids.

After all players have acted once in a scene, the Narrator narrates the scene with their own interpretation, and introduces a new set-piece. They discard and reveal one of the secret commercial products that they have decided will not be chosen.

Narrator sets the new scene.

Continue this way until the third Narration, whereupon the Narrator closes the commercial by introducing the product they have chosen

Author Comments

To the lonely region of server storage space that will likely house this plain text RPG unvisited by would be downloaders after it has been judged: Sorry ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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