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Chart Star • 2018 rpg

Tyanna Lazauskas • no link

The players are in a time-sensitive setting, solving puzzles and journeying across the land, navigating with the help of astromancy.
Characters are rolled with a 12 sided die. They fill out a star chart (like horoscopes). For example:
Mercury (Communication)
Moon (Secret intentions)
Mars (Conflict)
Jupiter (Luck)
Rising Sign (special flavor)
Each sign will have a certain affect in each individual sign. So if your sun sign is Virgo (the closest thing to a cleric), and your moon is in Aries (warrior class), you may struggle to balance being a leader and wanting to fight.
Every "day" of game play, the Astromancer rolls a 12 sided die to see what constellation the moon is in. Like ancient religions worked their lives around the motion of the planets, the sun, and the earth, certain aspects of a character will be affected by this motion. For example, the moon moving into a more aggressive sign will cause warrior-type advantage, while characters with a peace-loving sign will be at a disadvantage. So characters are forced to try to solve puzzles together in different ways every day, as "fate" works either for or against them.

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