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Cold Hearted • 2018 rpg

John Backers •

Cold Hearted: A game of relationships and Indescribable horror in the arctic.

You are researchers who have uncovered something in the ice. In the base, tensions are running high.

Have everyone sit in a circle and give everyone three cards, face down. Place a bottle in the middle of the table. Give yourself a name,make it visible.

Starting the oldest player going clockwise, take turns spinning the bottle. When it lands on someone (Respin if it lands on you) choose one:

1. Tell a secret
2. Proposition alone time
3. Accuse another

If they go choose to believe or go along with you, flip a card face up,marking down their name. If this card is discarded, the player marked on it discards one of their cards instead.   

If they choose otherwise you discard a card. Depending on how many cards you have left, they narrate your encounter with the horror.

2: Something isn't right
1: A terrifying glimpse
0: Death

If you land on someone who has no cards left, discard 2 cards, and follow the discard step above. 

When only one person is left, the next person they land on narrates either their escape or their death. 

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