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Pollice verso • 2018 rpg

Matthew Terry • no link

You are a gladiator, together, a Ludus.

Describe your equipment and style.  What foreign battle or local crime caused them to become a gladiator, damnati, or noxii? Detail how you respect any Gods, your placement in the Ludus and Roman society. 

Rank these attributes, 1 to 3. 

Power:  physicality, violence
Presence:  charisma, manipulation
Prestige:  class, politics

Resolving challenges: roll 1d6 + attribute + spent Denarius.  A 5+ indicates a success with a cost (complication, tragedy, wounding) a 7+ indicates a complete success. 

Play begins in the Colosseum. One Gladiator faces challenges while the other players take turns as the editor and present challenges.  Colosseum challenges are combats, theatrical battles, beast hunts, naval engagements, chariot races, religious ceremonies and public executions.  Conquering a challenge earns Denarii per Presence.  

After addressing all challenges, another Gladiator enters the arena until their stories are told. 

Repeat this cycle in the Ludus.  Challenges here are rivals, politicians, patricians, lovers, slavery, and the false fleeting hope of freedom. Handling a challenge earns Denarii per Prestige.  Challenges against other players take their coin.

Taking wounds greater than Power courts death.

Manumission costs 20 Denarii, munificence 40.

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