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The Returning • 2018 rpg

Zane Smith • http://www.neonwinter.com



You play robots left behind to take care of Earth in humanity's absence. The millennia have left you corrupted - patched together with makeshift repairs and more than a little strange.

The planet is safe now, and the humans will be returning. It is your job to make things ready for them, but how?

Players describe their robots and decide on two strengths and two weaknesses: Are you heavily armoured? Do you make a very loud beep?

Working with the players, the GM decides what the Archmind believes will make the humans feel welcome: A well-defended barricade against the mutated wildlife? A nice cup of tea? What is tea?

Take turns proposing and acting out scenes to work towards your goal. To resolve challenges, roll 2d6. The highest is your outcome: higher is better. The lowest is your complication: lower is worse. When leveraging a strength, add 1 to either die. When hampered by a weakness, subtract 1. Roll dice one at a time. You may reroll after seeing the first die, but it will cost you: one of your strengths becomes a weakness. Its wording doesn't change, just its interpretation.


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