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Found Footage Hangout • 2018 rpg

Daniel Fowler • no link

Objective: To create a Blair Witch style Hangout recording of scared players in the woods.

Pick an outdoor location where you feel safe in the dark.  Make sure you are not trespassing.

Pick a game that requires no equipment. Install a dice app on your phone if needed.

Have one player record the hangout on a PC before moving to their outdoor location.

Remember to use your phone's flashlight when moving in the dark. 

Bring a backup flashlight.

Make sure you can afford an hour of video.

Start Playing the game.  Keep trying as people get scared or lost.

If you hear anything, get scared and ask if anyone heard it.  Quickly Look around with your phone's flashlight.

If you lose connection walk to a new location and run in place.  Describe what scared you when reconnected.

Disconnect if anyone approaches you. Assure them you are playing a game.  Follow the previous step after they leave.

Quit If you phone dies,  permanently loses connection, or you want to leave.

The last player must record a final message.  Before disconnecting describe how scared you are, why you are sorry and what you want someone to know if they find this recording.

Author Comments

This game is meant to be played on Google Hangouts or some other video over internet application that can be recorded and used on phones and computers.

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