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Mystery by Association • 2018 rpg

Matthew Orr •

Use 78 cards with pictures, ideally tarot cards. Setting is bayou noir.
Shuffle 22 Major Arcana and 56 Suit cards separately.
Shuffle two Arcana, three Suit together. Arrange face down: Top = Victim. Bottom = Murderer. Middle = Their Past. The Murder. Outcome.
Deal three Arcana to 3-6 Investigators to draft archetypes. Choose one, pass one left and one right, choose a second, discard remaining. 
Deal three Suit to everyone for starting hand. Numbered cards are skills or abilities, face cards are allies.
Reveal Arcana and introduce each Investigator.

Reveal Victim.
Investigators each play a Suit (then redraw) to tell how they use that skill or ally to advance the case. Cards are "yes, and."
Reveal Their Past.
Investigators play to describe how they discover what happened or identify the Murderer. This round anyone may play all their Suits (and redraw) to reveal Murderer.
Reveal The Murder.
Investigators play to narrate how they track down or corner the killer. 
Reveal Outcome.
Investigators state how the case wrapped up for them. The Murderer may or may not be caught.

After each case add or exchange one Arcana or +1 hand.
For long term play, each Investigator uses own deck.

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