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Moray • 2018 rpg

M. M. Gorman •

Brave crushing ocean depths and sunken ruins, through unforgiving jungles of coral and kelp. Search for treasure in derelict wreckage and fight monstrosities of the blue. Few have the metal to be adventurers; Fewer still have the metal to be...divers. 
    Under the waves, one resource reigns: Air. Any task which tests a diver's skills or endurance must be rolled for using two six-sided dice. This roll must meet or exceed the GM's difficulty number they've set for the task, 4 being easy, 8 moderate, and 12 difficult. Spending Air, minimum 1, each adds +1 to the roll. A roll of 12 indicates a critical success, and the player succeeds with no air expended. Rolling a 2 automatically fails. Running out of air means certain death.
    Players take turns to act. For every round of turns, each player receives +2 air, with a maximum of 10.
    Danger lurks in the deep, be it other divers, underwater volcanoes, strong currents, or the dreaded Moray eel. Dangers damage players' air reserve as well as their supply. Attacks in Moray are simple checks against a target's difficulty, for players, 8. 3 successes versus an enemy yields victory.
    Treasure awaits. Care for a dive?

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