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Golden Years • 2018 rpg

Joie Martin •

An opaque bag
5 each solid colored, cat's eye, and swirl marbles
1 shooter marble
A circle of chalk

Characters are elderly residents in a small town retirement home watching the New Year's Eve countdown and reminiscing. Name each character and develop a bare bones background--family, profession, personality quirks, etc., but don't expand upon these basics.

Players draw marbles from the bag to create memories based on the type of marble drawn. Solid colored marbles are character defining moments. Cat's eye marbles are bittersweet memories. Swirl marbles are joyful memories. Players may roleplay memories, particularly if other players' characters are involved, or may describe them. Place drawn marbles in the center of the chalk circle until the bag is empty.

Players close their eyes and aim the shooter toward the marbles in the circle three times. Any marble that leaves the circle is now a memory lost based on marble type. If a character no longer has that type of memory to lose, they will begin to forget family members, profession, location, etc.

A final New Year's Eve should occur afterward, where characters attempt to reminisce, but some memories come more readily, while others seem lost to time.

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