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Essex Boys • 2018 rpg

Stephen Fleetwood • no link

Raiding Danefoes/ Reaving warriors
Harrow peasants/ Hard lessons
Scheming Aethling/ secrets rotten
Rebellious treachery/ ruin brings
Northumbria ravaged/ Norseman Army
Blood flowers/ Bright burning
Tithings feuding/ Twisted loyalties
War within/ War without
East Saxon/ Earl's Thanes
Seeking fame/ Saga builders
War skilled/ Wits sharpened
King summons/ Calling champions
Heroes forge/ Hammered iron
Four skills/ For selection
Foremost skill/ Five starting
Running down/ Reduce by one
Battle skill/ Blades and body
Wisdom's thoughts/ wield lore
Skald governs/ speaking honey
Cunning masters/ clever schemes
Greatest strength/ Give adventurer
Weakness too/ warriors have
Sentence each/ Strength and weakness
Testing these/ telling stories
 Fortune rollers/ Find twice
Six sided/ standard squares
First dice adds/ Fortune's favour
Second removes/ success sours
Hero's weakness/ hard fate
Fortune dice/ forsakes addition
Strength relevant/ success flows
Second dice /subtraction ignored
Find difficulty/ From Gamemaster
Compare skill/ Counting dice
Successes means/ sweet victory!
Exceed by three/ Exemplary success
Battle joined/ building contest
Comparing scores/ contending sides
Triumphs count/ thrice conquers
Concessions give/ compromise for losses

War brings/Weary wounds
Winning gives one/defeat doubles
Exemplary success/ Earns exemption
Four wounds/ force fatality
Forge saga's/ fortune and destiny
Adventure's end/ adding verse
Receive xp/ raise skills
Successful skill/ single increase

Author Comments

Here is my game of the people of Essex (in the UK) before we got our current bad reputation and had another one. Enjoy!

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