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Infection • 2018 rpg

James Pearson •

Your ship drifts in space.  The alien spores are missing.  Someone is infected.    

3-5 Players.  Use a standard deck of cards.  No Jokers.  Separate red and black cards and shuffle each stack.  Build hands of cards for each player made, up of 3 more cards than there are players.  Make one hand (the infected) of 3 black cards and the rest red.  The remaining hands are all black. 

Randomly distribute the hands.  

The person who last watched "The Thing" starts.  

Declare your job on the ship. 

Roleplay a scene with any other player. At the end of the scene trade 1-3 cards with the other player.  

Take turns clockwise. 

You cannot trade away your last red card. Once infected, always infected. 

Interact with someone you believe is infected to try and get additional red cards. 

To resolve a conflict, such as trying to kill another character, each player selects and reveals a card.  Highest card wins.  Aces are low.  Red cards always win ties. 

If you kill a character that is NOT infected, you are both out of the game, dead.  Describe your death. 

Play until everyone is infected, or everyone is dead, or all infected are dead. 

Author Comments

I’ve always enjoyed horror movies and RPGs. I love games in which things go badly, and people get the chance to do horrible things to each other. Great horror games have a mechanic that encourages or rewards this type of behavior. In a truly great horror movie, nobody survives.

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