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Take What You Want: A Game of Heists • 2018 rpg

Isaiah Stankowski • no link

Create a character by spending up to 15 points between Prep and Improv.
Prep is your ability to plan in advance. During setup, roll 7d10 and save rolls within your range. Spend one die to automatically pass an Improv test. Every rank above 0 increases your range by one, starting at 10 at rank 1.
Improv is your ability to perform under pressure. When you test Improv, roll d10s equal to your rank. The roll is successful if any die is 9 or greater. At rank 0, roll 2d10 and take the lowest.
Remaining points become Luck points, which you may spend to re-roll an Improv test with an additional d10. Luck replenishes after a heist.

Begin by discussing how your characters formed a crew and what heist they are about to attempt. Each player rolls Prep. For every 10, the players describe a helpful detail of the heist. For every 1, the GM describes an unhelpful detail.

Once setup is finished, players begin narrating how their characters accomplish the heist. The GM presents obstacles and calls for Improv tests to challenge the players. 

Author Comments

Thank you to everyone who helped make this challenge possible and to the many designers who continue to inspire me.

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