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Can't Teach an Old Bot New Tricks • 2018 rpg

Eric Fritz •

Players split evenly into "robots" and "scientists" in matched pairs. The scientists give each other goals based on objects around the room and other robots. Each scientist writes INSTRUCTIONS on paper as a list of ACTIONS and REACTIONS, each with a single target. When everyone is ready each scientist gives the instructions to their robot partner. Robots and scientists can't communicate except through INSTRUCTIONS and REPORTS.

The robots follow their instructions as well as is possible, stopping when they accomplish the goal or hit an impossible action. When everyone has finished they return to the scientists and REPORT whether they accomplished the goal, or what instruction they got stuck on. The scientists update instructions and a new round begins. If a scientist's robot accomplished their goal, they get a new goal. Repeat for a total of four rounds.

Example ACTIONS:
Pick up TARGET
Put down held item on TARGET
Smile at TARGET

Item was offered -> ACTION
Item was taken -> ACTION
Bumped into robot -> ACTION

All players should stop to discuss safety out of game any time there's a potentially dangerous or awkward action.

Author Comments

Thanks to Stephanie for brainstorming help!

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