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Witch Scouts Lite • 2018 rpg

Livi Watkinson and Chris Foster •

A light-hearted game about young witches inspired by the Girl Scouts. Players take the role of ten year old witches being friends and learning about life and magic for 3+ players, one of which is the Game Master. The GM plays all NPCs and narrates events.

Name your Scout with a descriptive adjective. (Goth Scout, Sporty Scout, etc.). Important note: Not all Witch Scouts are girls.

Any time you cast a spell, say what you're trying and roll 1d6. You get a +1 if the spell fits your descriptive adjective.

1-2 You fail comically, the GM tells you how!
3-5 You succeed! Describe your spell but the GM adds a wacky side effect.
6-7 COMPLETE SUCCESS! Describe your spell.

GM Notes
-Make failures fun. 
-Lean in to childishness.
-Embarrass the Scouts, never harm them.
-Introduce mischievous monsters to complicate things.

Outing Ideas
1 Supernatural Bake Sale
2 Spooky Sleepover at a Haunted House
3 Graveyard Campout
4 Familiar Adoption Agency
5 Visit to the Museum of Witchcraft
6 A Fun Time at the Black Lagoon Pool

End the game when someone has learned a valuable lesson.

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