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Ineffective Power Fight • 2018 rpg

Shana Foldes •

You all have superpowers! But... your powers don't always work right.
Split into two teams, Villains and Heroes.
Each player has:
-1 super-amazing power
-5 super-lame powers
Come up with 1 super-amazing power for yourself (Example: super strength), and then go around the group having each person give you a super-lame power (Example: summoning one saxophone) until you have 5. Order your super-lame powers from 1-5; your super-amazing power is 6.
The Villains describe who they are terrorizing and how (Example: destroying the lettuce supply of intelligent rabbits). The Heroes choose where (Example: on a cruise ship). It doesn't have to make sense.
Go around the group taking turns, targeting someone on the opposite team to attack. You and the target each roll 1d6 for what powers you use against each other; the higher roll wins.
The winner describes how their power overcomes the other, and their team gains 1 Victory.
Ties result in both teams gaining 1 Victory; then describe how your dumb powers interact.

First team to (Players*3) Victories wins! In the event of an end tie, take more turns until it resolves. As a team, describe your heroic rewards or your villainous gains.

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