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Parliament • 2018 rpg

Xauri'EL Zwaan •

Players are members of Parliament, a society of simulated consciousnesses which democratically decide the actions of a robot living in the real world.

Required: One Chancellor and three to five Party Leaders.  Leaders each create parties with three policies.  Each Leader has a private world which they control and which can be anything they imagine. There is also a public space controlled by the Chancellor which can be anything they imagine.  Finally, the robot operated by the Parliament lives in the real world, which should be futuristic but operate according to accepted laws of physics.

Each session, the Chancellor describes a situation faced by the robot. Each Leader makes a speech regarding their party's platform on it.

Each Leader may invite another to their private world. In turn, meet in another room.  Describe what happens in your world.  Invite the other Leader to make a deal to support your platform.

Finally, one Leader proposes a resolution as to the action of the robot.  Leaders will hold a vote on each proposal.  If one passes, that is what the robot does.  If it fails, another Leader proposes another resolution.  If all resolutions fail, the Chancellor decides the consequences of inaction.

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