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The Connection: A space Travel • 2018 rpg

Diego Barreto Azevedo •

This is a narrative game about long distances, explorations, revelations and self knowledge in a space travel.

You need:

2 peoples. (A GM and a player)
2 smarthphones (with instant mensseger)
Sincerity, sensitivity and creativity

The Mechanical:

The international phone number of player represents the travel.

[5] [5] [0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [0]

From first to last, one by one, each number represents a result for the travel narrative.

GM ask and the player answer with the next number.

9 or 0 you're ok
6-8 is ok, but it's complicated. Why?
5- The truth is terrible

Modifying results:

The player may include aspects of your real life in fiction to gain +1 in your result.

The first question for this game:

You're on a lonely space travel. What do you search?

[Player answer]

Example: My travel is a search from the past [result: 5] [because i'm a historian: +1 = 6]

From the results, continue describing and asking:

What's around?
What's it?
Where are the old crew?
Where are you going?
Who're you?
Who's that?
and others...

After the last number, you two describe the arrival and talk about this travel.

Author Comments

Hello players! I must thank to Torre do mago ( and Narrador Eficiente for the review!

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