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Judgement • 2018 rpg

J. Kap • @ladykapdragon

Sit somewhere comfortable with a group of people. Everybody should have some kind of beverage. 

Look at the person to your left, you are them. Without speaking to them first, tell your life story to those around you. Make sure to include all your darkest secrets and the things you've been afraid to let others know up until now. Continue around the circle until everybody has finished their drinks. Consider the implications of the stereotypes you've been labelled with. How does that make you feel? 

Grab another drink and go around the circle again, but this time take about your hopes and dreams and the sort of person you want to be. Remember, you're still the person to your left. Have your feelings changed? 

Hopefully they have, and now you'll be a little kinder on yourself and others.

Author Comments

Play it with your friends, your enemies, and total strangers. Shift your perspective and let go of the judgement you hold in your heart.

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