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Let's get Commemorative Tattoos!!! • 2018 rpg

Kristen Dabney • no link

You've successfully completed your latest dungeon crawl and your adventuring party has decided you must all obtain commemorative tattoos. While most tattoos are purely decorative, some brave (or foolhardy) adventurers may opt for tattoos of a more magical nature -- a ward, hex, glyph of summoning, or otherwise. Some rumors speak of magical tattoos bursting into flames, rejecting the host and becoming their own entity or other such mutations.
Players choose a name and grand title, a dungeoneering profession, and a preferred late night snack (to eat while debating).
Each player lists tattoo ideas on (number of players) +1 separate slips of paper. 

All ideas are placed into the pot.

The person least likely to get a tattoo will be the first person to pick from their party's suggestions.

Everyone else picks two slips from the pot, and combines them to make a base for their proposed tattoo design (elaboration is encouraged). To win over your comrades, tie the design into your previous adventure. Each player pitches their idea to their uncertain target. 

The player being pitched to must decide which of the pitches they are be willing to get. Rotate and repeat until everyone has a commemorative tattoo.

Author Comments

Thanks to Ben Wagnon for play-testing and editing. Thanks to Eli Seitz, Eleanor Tursman and Elias Mulhall for editing when words are difficult. And a final thanks to Liz Wagnon for the tattoo idea.

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