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A Pirate's Lie for ME • 2018 rpg

Andrew Wright •

"Mutiny afoot! Hornswoggle yer way to command!"


First pirate to 10 POINTS or last pirate aboard becomes Captain, but receive 10 MARKS and you're thrown overboard!


3+ Pirates
Four-sided die


Starting each game, pirates each choose a cardinal direction, write it down and hide it.

Roll to see who goes first.

On your turn, keeping the die concealed, roll to determine a direction. Privately observe the result:

1 = North
2 = East
3 = South
4 = West

Lie or be truthful about your roll. Announce a direction while convincing the crew the best drinking, gambling, plundering, and other rascalities are that way! 

Each pirate then decides if you're lying.

Reveal your roll.

Score accordingly, then pass the turn clockwise.


Keep your MARKS visible and POINTS hidden.

You're truthful: Receive +1 MARK, the ship moves.
You're not caught lying: Remove -1 MARK and gain +1 POINT, the ship moves.
You're falsely accused of lying: Each accuser receives +2 MARKS, the ship moves.
You're caught lying: Receive +1 MARK for each accustation, the ship doesn't move.

If the ship moves your hidden direction, gain +1 POINT. 
If this happens on your turn, gain +1 additional POINT.

Author Comments

This is great, I want to thank you guys for helping finish my first game EVER. I’ve had tons of ideas, but this really drove me to finish something. I’m not sure its a true RPG, but it has RPG elements, so I hope it still counts - and if doesn’t - at least I still completed a game. Thanks!

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