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Titans • 2018 rpg

Ian Lambert •

What you need:
- A late night
- A quiet place
- A candle or campfire

All players will take the role of Titans, immense and ancient beings of great power. If you wish, agree on a name for your Realm, such as "The Twilight Forest" or "The Dusky Fields." The fire before you is the portal by which you observe the world of mortals. You are dying.

Starting with the player sitting to the west, identify yourselves one by one with a concept or virtue that you embody. You might be the Titan of Creativity, or the Titan of Knowledge. 

Once you have identified yourselves, take turns gazing through the portal. Tell the story of what gift you gave to mortals, what role you played in building the world. Who lives there now?

Tell the story of your greatest physical or spiritual struggle. Maybe you battled a legendary monster or tricked one of the gods. 

Continue telling tales until the fire is dead or until you have nothing more to say. Will you cling to life, watching the dying embers? Or will you surrender peacefully, knowing that your time in this world is over?

All things must come to an end. 

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