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Unstuck • 2018 rpg

Brendan Sherlock • no link

You are unstuck in time, moving uncontrollably between points in the story. You cannot tell anyone you are unstuck or the time stream will collapse. 

The GM outlines a story in several scenes on chronologically numbered index cards. To complete the story the PCs must obtain an item or information from each of the scenes. The GM describes the setting to the players then draws one of the cards at random to begin the adventure. 

When attempting an action roll 2d6 with the following results:

1-3: Failure, GM describes
4-6: Failure, player describes
7-9: Success, GM describes
10-12: Success, player describes

If an action fits in with a PC's description add +1 to the roll. If a character is harmed (physically, mentally, or socially) they sustain an injury. Characters may sustain three injuries before being incapacitated.

If doubles are rolled the PCs become unstuck. The GM shuffles the scene cards and draws another one at random, placing the PCs in medias res. Injuries are removed if the new scene is chronologically earlier than when they were sustained, though they will be waiting in the future if they are not somehow averted. 

Go crazy! Have fun!

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