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Spaghetti Pitch • 2018 rpg

Avital Lubin • no link

For 1-4 players and a pot of spaghetti.

Premise: You are a group of co-founders of a startup. Your goal is to successfully launch products. You'll be throwing spaghetti to see what sticks.

As a group, answer the following questions:
- What's your industry?
- Who're your target customers?
- What's your company's name?

Make a pot of spaghetti, cook it al dente. 

Stand 5 feet away from a blank wall. 

Co-founders take turns throwing spaghetti against the wall. When you throw a piece of spaghetti, yell out a product pitch for your startup.
- If the spaghetti sticks: congratulations, you have product / market fit!
- If it temporarily sticks but then falls off: you're getting close to something good
- If it falls off immediately: no luck, describe why this product didn't work

Go around until everyone has thrown four pieces of spaghetti. Once you have one successful idea, new pitches can be adjacent products or new markets. When you're done, count up the number of successes to determine your startup's outcome:

1-2: Aqui-hired
3-4: Major Acquisition
5-6: IPO
7+: The Next Facebook!

If none of your spaghetti sticks: Your startup runs out of funding, time to apply to Google...

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