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The Book of Fables • 2018 rpg

Doug Ruff • no link

Find a blank notebook to turn into the Book of Fables. Write everything after this sentence into the first page of the book, they are the rules that you must follow afterwards.

This is the Book of Fables, and you are now its keeper. If you are not the first keeper of the book, read the stories in the book for inspiration.

Now write a fable of your own into the book. A fable is a story with a moral lesson. State that lesson in the last sentence of your tale, this is "the moral of the story".

Now find a student. Teach your fable to your student. To teach them, tell them your story, but do not state or explain the moral of the story. Your student must learn the moral from listening to your story and asking questions. Explain these rules to them now.

You may teach other stories from the book at your discretion; you must teach your own story.

When your student has demonstrated sufficient wisdom, give them the book and ask them to continue the tradition written within it. They are the new keeper of the Book of Fables, and you have fulfilled your duty.

Author Comments

This entry is inspired by the idea of a programming “loop”. Each iteration of the loop - the tenure of each individual keeper - results in more content being generated. The rules themselves are a set of instructions for creating the true content of the game, which consists of the individual stories.

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